FREE Whitepaper: BYOD in Schools

Do we really need to worry so much about it?

Does BYOD raise security issues for schools? Are there any health risks for students? Does BYOD distract students from learning? These are just a few of the most common concerns regarding BYOD.

This whitepaper analyzes the most important problems that schools, teachers, and parents face in relation to BYOD and provides practical solutions for overcoming them.


Why download this whitepaper

We go over the most common concerns regarding BYOD and provide practical solutions on how to easily overcome each one.

We share useful tips for schools that are just starting out with BYOD and ideas on how to implement a successful BYOD policy.

We offer effective strategies for schools and parents working together to support BYOD and create a safe environment for students.

Download the whitepaper

NEO is an LMS for schools and universities that provides a refreshingly new way to teach and learn. NEO can significantly boost student engagement in any BYOD program.

Teachers can deliver beautifully designed content directly to the students' devices, making learning truly efficient and engaging.

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