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Brain-based Bilingual PreK Digital Curriculum


EDUSPARK Kiddos is a fully digital curriculum, in English and Spanish, that meets the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines. EDUSPARK integrates techniques and methodologies backed by brain-research principles for effective learning. Our curriculum provides skills-based learning experiences based on +1,100 videos, interactive games, activities, and formative evaluations.

Texas pre k aligned

Eligible by TEA for PreK Proclamation 2021

Neuroscience approach

Innovative Neuroscience approach for effective learning

English spanish materials

English and Spanish mirrored content

Learning style

Blended learning environment or self-paced instruction

Anyone any device

Easy-to-use on all devices for teachers, students, and parents

PreK Digital Curriculum

The online curriculum is organized into 6 instructional units, with 3 lessons each, for a total of 18 lessons.

Each “Lesson” is segmented into components that include Language and Communication, Science, Math, Music, Art and Fine Motor Skills, and Physical Development. The Emergent reading and writing skills, as well as the Social-emotional and Social Studies skills are covered in a cross-curricular format throughout the lessons. (TPG´s coverage: Spanish – 95.81% / English – 92.25%).

PreK students are at a critical period of their neurological development. Their brain has high plasticity, primed for building new neural circuits. EDUSPARK Kiddos integrates accelerated learning techniques for language development by expanding their academic vocabulary through multisensory stimuli associated with meaningful context, with high speed, variety, and proper frequency to build new circuits.

EDUSPARK Kiddos - Features and Lesson Demonstration
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Screen lessons

Samples of lessons

Our lessons include a variety of interactive learning objects such as videos, memory games, matching games, songs, flashcards, concerts, and more. The content also includes math quizzes, phonics and vocabulary formative assessments that allow teachers to easily track student progress.

EDUSPARK Kiddos Workbook

We provide two print workbooks: Language & Fine Motor Skills and Math & Science

Each workbook has over 120 w&b pages (240 pages total) which are part of the activities in pdf format integrated into the digital curriculum. Although it is an optional resource, it is important to consider that fine motor skills and particularly handwriting have a high impact on the development of neural circuits by combining precise movements, sight, directionality, strength, and finger grip when making a drawing or using a writing tool.

*Optional resources not required to comply with the TPG´s because their activities are embedded digitally in the online product.

Powered by NEO LMS

EDUSPARK Kiddos content is hosted on NEO LMS, an award-winning learning platform that makes it easy to create and deliver engaging online classes.

The platform is known for delivering a great user experience on all devices while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support effective teaching and learning. NEO was built to ensure a smooth implementation and districts can easily configure the platform.

Teachers can make differentiated learning paths, trigger automated actions, and personalize what content students see in classes based on their progress using advanced, innovative functionalities such as automation, and adaptive learning. Earning points and badges in games also makes learning more fun and engaging!

Teachers can easily evaluate what students learn in classes using our powerful gradebook and 15 assignment types. Using built-in reports and ad-hoc reporting educators can get instant insights and quickly identify areas where students might need help. Competency-based learning allows teachers to track on a TPG’s mastery basis how well students are understanding the concepts that are being taught.

NEO provides a powerful set of features that makes educators lives easier

Reasons higher engagement

Self-paced, blended, and instructor-led classes

Automation adaptive learning

Automation and adaptive learning


Competency-based learning

Reasons increased achievement


Learning path

Learning paths

Analytics reporting

Extensive analytics and ad-hoc reporting


Accessibility features


Single Sign-on


LTI integration

Ferpa and privacy

FERPA and EU-US Privacy Shield compliance

Micro learning

Micro learning

Gradebook and rubrics

Powerful gradebook

Mobile apps

Mobile apps for iOS and Android

Storage integration

Integration with Google Workspace, Google Drive, and Google Meet

Immersive reader msteams and onedrive

Integration with Immersive Reader, MS Teams, and OneDrive

Integration with amazon alexa

Integration with Amazon Alexa

Our curriculum provides a Neuroscience approach for effective learning design

The effectiveness of our PreK curriculum to build vocabulary and language skills is based on neuroscience principles suggesting that neural connections are strengthened with repeated use, with the variety and speed of stimuli, integrating words from the same category in a meaningful context. That is why we suggest let the children use each lesson for two weeks to create new circuits and reinforce their brain architecture.


The media resources available in the curriculum enhance students’ learning from prior knowledge with interleaving and variety techniques, from retrieval, recalling, and gathering information to reflection, elaboration, and consolidation of long-term memory for permanent and meaningful learning.

EDUSPARK Kiddos will provide PreK students with more opportunities to build language circuits, which are the solid foundation on which more complex circuits are built, such as reading and higher cognitive skills.

What outcomes can educators expect?

  • Easy-to-use instructional materials and developmental opportunities for PreK students and parental involvement anytime, anywhere, every day.
  • Teacher's Guide, tutorials and virtual training will provide teachers with confidence and expanded capacity for dual language, bilingual and EL programs.
  • Powerful tools to provide student´s special populations differentiated learning paths.
  • Implementation is an easy step-by-step process.

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EDUSPARK Kiddos - How to access and navigate

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