Create engaging classes and paths


Everything you need to create beautiful, engaging classes

Choose class style

Select the type of class that best suits your teaching style, whether it’s instructor-led, blended, or self-paced. It’s easy to create and deliver educational content and each class has useful features based on its style.

Easily build classes

Create engaging classes fast and without any technical knowledge using our built-in content authoring tool. Embed any kind of content and media including audio, video, Office documents, Google Docs, and OneDrive files.

Display classes in a graphical catalog

Showcase your classes to students using the class catalog. Each class has its own overview page with important details such as the class description, ratings and reviews, lessons outline, and more.

Sync class content

Save time by teaching multiple sections of a class, and use our unique class sync feature to push changes from the master copy of a class to the others.

Use templates to create classes fast

Easily create classes based off templates that can be reused and stored in the resources library. Templates can be used as "cookie cutters" for classes that will be taught.

Learning paths

Use paths to help students master topics in small steps

Create sequences of classes

Inspire students to achieve goals using learning paths. Each goal in a path can represent a class and students can be rewarded with points and badges as they complete goals. When the path is finished, students can receive a certificate of completion.

Various customization options

Configure whether goals have to be completed sequentially, define actions that are triggered students complete path goals, and use gamification to boost student engagement.

Reuse created paths

Easily create paths based off templates that can be reused and stored in the resources library. You can also archive paths, copy, and import/export.

NEO lets us go from blended learning, to self-paced learning, to some still traditional delivery.
Cheryl Essex, Dean of The REALM at Burleson Independent School District

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