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De La Salle University Dasmariñas has gained its reputation as a premier higher education institution in the Philippines. The university has received countless awards and recognitions for its research endeavors as well as environmental thrusts. It was also named Center of Development for Excellence in Information Technology and was identified as an Academic Center For Excellence in Biodiversity Conservation by Haribon Foundation in the Southern Tagalog Faunal Region.

17 000 students University Manila, Philippines

What were the university's challenges before NEO?

Before NEO LMS we had an e-class system developed by our local IT team. It was okay then because it was our first time seeing such a thing. You could submit assignments on the platform, as well as monitor attendance, and it had an online discussion forum, but it lacked a lot of functionalities that we needed. The problem with our university is that teachers here are too traditional and yet they use new technology for teaching, so we needed to find something that was very easy to use and easily adopted by everyone.


When NEO LMS was introduced, it really fascinated us. It was very easy to use and navigate, you could upload lessons not only in Word, PowerPoint or PDF format, but also videos and URLs. You could also administer quizzes, both objective-type and essay-type.

Teachers really enjoy the online quizzes because they are very convenient and efficient. They're usually anxious about cheating, but not anymore now that we have NEO.

The gradebook is also a great tool. In fact, a lot of teachers gave up Excel for it. With the gradebook teachers can access the grades of the students and we can encode grades to our University portal, anytime, anywhere.

Students love NEO because the lessons are already uploaded and can be accessed at anytime. They also love the unlimited attempts for assignments submissions. They enjoy the discussion forums, especially the comments given by their classmates on their artworks.

What results have you noticed since using NEO?

The students learned discipline and taking responsibility for their studies. We used the flipped classroom method and we were able to connect the online and classroom meetings well. The students love the online sessions with the uploaded videos and lesson materials together with the assessments. The classroom meetings are now more engaging and the discussions are deeper than before.

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