How a preschool seamlessly shifted to virtual learning during the pandemic

Mindbuilders preschoolMindbuilders Preschool is an early learning environment that creates exciting experiences aimed to maximize children’s potential. Their caring teachers encourage students at every step of the way. They use progressive teaching methods to create a balance between play and academics. Mindbuilders tries to also involve families through different activities.

Read on to learn how Mindbuilders Preschool managed to shift its programs to a fully virtual environment during the pandemic.

Learn how Mindbuilders Preschool shifted to online learning during a pandemic while maintaining their standards of education and engaging both students and parents.

How did you choose NEO?

Marah Estuesta, directress: We could have easily become overwhelmed with different options for digital transformation. I have to say that NEO is heaven-sent. In the midst of a nationwide quarantine, we managed to maintain the standards of our education that we have built for almost two decades.

It gives me both pride and satisfaction as well as peace of mind that we are partners with an LMS that has provided our school a smooth transition to online learning.

What were your concerns before implementing NEO?

Marah Estuesta, directress: NEO LMS met our concerns about constant communication with our parents. We are so happy that we can customize the content of our LMS to suit our needs as a preschool.

Why did you start using NEO LMS?

Marah Estuesta, directress: We were determined to take the necessary steps to make learning available in the midst of this pandemic. Of course, we only wanted the best for our preschool families. We were looking for an LMS that could benefit both our teachers and our learners. So, when we came across NEO, it was like our prayers were answered.

How did the adoption process go?

Richard Estuesta, director of digital transformation: In a considerably short amount of time NEO was able to help our school adjust to an environment preschools are normally not a part of.

What do teachers like about NEO?

Teacher Pach Pacheco-Beton, Curriculum Consultant: We launched our summer classes online. We were happy with the tools provided by NEO LMS to organize the lessons prepared by the teachers. We were amazed by how easy it was for the students and parents to access and download the learning materials.

Teacher Jaja Pefanio, Mozart Juniors: This was our first time engaging preschoolers using digital tools. I teach three to four year old kids and we were pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as difficult as we thought it might be. It also helps that an LMS such as NEO has features that are easy for teachers to use even at a preschool level.

Teacher Issa Menchate, Chopin Seniors: As a teacher in a multiple intelligence preschool, I make sure I tap the potential of each of my students. NEO LMS gives me options to use different strategies for my lessons.

How did parents perceive this change?

Marissa Busmente, Chopin Seniors Parent: Most of the children adjusted well to NEO LMS. My son, Vito, actively participates in activities and looks forward to attending classes in Mindbuilders Preschool.

Renzie Biolena, Mozart Juniors, and Chopin Seniors Parent: Mindbuilders managed to maintain a sense of community even with this learning system. We receive our child’s weekly schedule with detailed notifications through the LMS. They involve us in level activities, they even promote health and safety awareness with newsletters uploaded in the LMS. We are happy that with this global pandemic they are doing all they can to maintain quality in their education.

Marissa Busmente, Chopin Seniors Parent: The school adapted very well because they created an attractive and user-friendly learning platform that made the children watch, focus, and understand the lessons well.

The lessons in the learning platform are comprehensive. There’s mathematics, circle time, linguistics, storytime, and art among others which my child enjoys very much.