Using NEO LMS for automation and collaboration in the classroom

Miraflores schoolMiraflores School was founded over 60 years ago by a group of nuns from the congregation of the slaves of the Holy Eucharist and Mother of God.

Currently, the school has five campuses, one in the state of Guanajuato in the city of Leon, one more in the state of Morelos in the city of Cuernavaca, and three more in the state of Mexico in the municipalities of Toluca, Huixquilucan, and Naucalpan. The Miraflores Mexico school is located in the municipality of Naucalpan, in the west of the metropolitan area in Mexico City.

This school has 1,200 enrolled students and offers elementary, middle school, and high school levels. The Miraflores School is a private religious institution but with a cutting-edge pedagogical and technological background, which places it as one of the best educational institutions in the region.

Find out how teachers and students at Miraflores School use NEO for automation and collaboration in the classroom.

Find out how teachers and students at Miraflores School use NEO for automation and collaboration in the classroom.

How did you choose NEO?

Dan Gerson Rodríguez Cazares, teacher: The educational model of the Miraflores School is characterized by offering a trilingual education in Spanish, English, and French, in addition to having all the technological advances in each of its classrooms.

The Miraflores School has been using NEO LMS for over five years. It began with a two-year pilot plan where teachers and students were prepared for the platform. Fortunately, three years ago the educational authorities made the decision to use NEO as the official platform of Miraflores School.

How has NEO helped you to improve educational dynamics?

Dan Gerson Rodríguez Cazares, teacher: Ever since its implementation, NEO has allowed us to develop new methodologies, work by project, work by group and, work not only physically but also electronically.

Thanks to NEO, we can design content, communicate directly with our students, provide feedback for each of their activities, check the gradebook at any time and generate more dynamic activities within the classroom.

How do students use NEO in the classroom?

Duna, student at Miraflores: Teachers use NEO to evaluate us. They use either multiple-choice questions or open questions.

As students, we work on essays or projects on the same platform or they divide the class into teams so that we can collaborate. There is also a Forum where we can discuss different topics as a class and we can vote for the answer we like best. The calendar gives an overview of the upcoming tasks which is good for completing tasks in our own time.

What do you like the most about NEO?

Duna, student at Miraflores: I like NEO because it’s very practical, easy to use, and has many functions. For example, if I have a question, I can just message my teacher and they will respond directly. We also get to see the progress of our work and the grades for each task. We get an overview of all of our lessons at all times.

How has NEO helped you in your daily activities as a student?

Duna, student at Miraflores: NEO has helped me to be more organized when it comes to assignments. The calendar gives me the freedom to complete the work in my own time and prepare for exams in advance. Once you have submitted your assignments, your teachers grade them and you see your results right away. Lastly, if you are missing something, it allows you to communicate with your peers or students easily.