Elegant, powerful and easy to use cloud-based platform

The NEO LMS user interface is elegant and intuitive, which keeps users happy and engaged, and makes the whole experience of using the site more productive and enjoyable. We designed our system so that it's easy to use without referring to online help or guides. Learn more

  • Customize your site

    NEO LMS is highly customizable, with options for configuring your logo, URL, portal, and more. You can even customize the site terminology or create your own color scheme.

  • Mobile

    Access the full feature set of our LMS via mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Each type of device has its own customized interface. Download apps from the App Store and Google Play.

  • Integrations

    Our LMS integrates with a wide variety of systems, including Google Drive, Google Apps, LTI, Turnitin, Calendars (iCal), Paypal, Stripe, GoToMeeting, Moodle, Blackboard, and more.

  • Internationalization

    We support 40+ languages and we offer automatic translation of messages and forum postings between users that speak different languages.

Easily create beautiful classes

Create rich, engaging lessons without any technical knowledge using our content authoring tools or upload your own SCORM content. You can upload and embed any type of media. We offer a variety of interactive features for organizing, analyzing, and navigating your e-learning content. Learn more

  • Class catalog and E-commerce

    You can organize classes into a graphical catalog. Sell classes from the catalog using our E-commerce feature. Our shopping cart supports discount codes, multiple currencies, and bulk discounts. Integration with PayPal, Authorize.net, and Stripe.

  • Curricula and proficiencies

    Create your own curricula or use the preloaded US common core and nextgen science standards. You can track student progress on a proficiency basis and get a detailed view of how students are understanding the concepts.

  • Analytics and reporting

    Create reports and charts of interesting data such as assignment grades, lesson progress, missing work, student activity, class status, completion status and resource usage.

  • Gamification

    Use gamification to make a class more engaging. Award points and badges based on rules. Students can advance through levels, gain points, and see a leaderboard with the top players and rankings.

Assessment and grading

Assess students using one or more kinds of assignments. We have in-place grading for rapid turnaround, and a broad selection of grading evaluating options, including nested grading periods, categories, and extra credit assignments. Learn more

  • Quizzes and question banks

    Comprehensive support for quizzes and question banks. You can choose from 7 types of question. We offer support for timed quizzes and instant feedback during a quiz.

  • 11 different kinds of assignments

    NEO LMS offers 11 different types of assessments - quiz, essay, offline, survey, debate, Dropbox, team, discussion, attendance, Turnitin, and SCORM.

  • Rubrics

    Our rubric builder allows you to create rubrics with custom criteria and ratings. Assignments can be associated with a rubric and then graded using a simple point-and-click interface.

  • Gradebook

    We have a fast, reliable gradebook with pop-up analytics, fills, undo, comment editor, full-window mode, and much more.

Communicate, network and collaborate

NEO LMS is very similar to a social network. You can keep students informed with activity feeds that show the latest assignments, postings, blog entries, announcements, and events. Users can connect as friends with other users in order to message and exchange resources. Learn more

  • Resources library

    Our library system allows you to upload, store, and share twelve different kinds of resources, including certificates, class templates, rubrics, badges, files, SCORM packages, and curricula.

  • Web conferencing

    We have built-in integration with Skype or you can integrate your favorite web conferencing system into our LMS using their native widgets or HTML embed codes.

  • Collaboration tools

    Our LMS has built-in support for wikis, blogs, chat rooms, groups, and forums. These tools can be used privately in a class or within a group whose members span classes.

  • Messaging

    Communicate with users using our messaging system. We have bidirectional email integration, so you can receive messages via email and respond via email as well.

Information at your fingertips

We provide beautiful graphic dashboards for administrators, students and teachers that offer a single-page view of the most important data. Students can keep track easily of their classes, by checking their dashboards which show class pictures, progress charts, and overall grades. Learn more

  • Calendaring

    Our calendaring system provides a point-and-click interface, monthly and weekly views, individual calendars for classes and groups with a single aggregating main calendar and GoToMeeting integration.

  • Activity feeds

    School-wide, classroom, and group activity feeds make it easy to track the latest news such as assignments, postings, blog entries, announcements, and events.

  • Awards

    Create certificates using our certificate builder and associate it with a PDF version. Create badges using our badge builder. Share badges and certificates through our resources library.

  • Portfolios

    Students can save and showcase their best work using our built-in portfolio system. Portfolio assets can include assignments or multimedia resources such as audio and video.

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