Features included in each pricing plan

This table provides an overview of the LMS features that are included in each NEO pricing plan. NEO is for use by individual teachers, schools, and universities.

If you are an organization or company please have a look at MATRIX, our LMS for Businesses.




The most comprehensive free plan of any commercial LMS Compare us against other LMS platforms
User experience
Graphical dashboards Yes Yes
Beautiful, modern, easy-to-use interface Yes Yes
Fully responsive design works on all devices Yes Yes
Drag and drop dashboard widgets Yes Yes
Native mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Yes Yes
Offline mode for native apps (Later in 2019) Yes Yes
Graphical profile pages Yes Yes
Public profiles (Q4 2019) Yes Yes
Avatars and profile pictures Yes Yes
Accessibility features Yes Yes
Support for 40+ languages Yes Yes
Instructor-led classes Yes Yes
Self-paced and blended classes Yes Yes
Graphical class catalog Yes Yes
Third party content via the course catalog (Q4 2019) Yes Yes
Splash pages Yes Yes
Class templates Yes Yes
Class content synchronization Yes Yes
Content authoring and navigation Yes Yes
Class syllabus Yes Yes
Class archival Yes Yes
Waitlists Yes Yes
Seating charts Yes Yes
Certificates of completion   Yes
Class prerequisites   Yes
Record audio from browser   Yes
Time limits for classes   Yes
Drag and drop class dashboard widgets Yes
Drip content   Yes
Record video from browser   Yes
Video transcoding   Yes
Required video completion Yes Yes
Ratings and reviews   Yes
Compliance features   Yes
Quiz system
Modern user interface including drag and drop Yes Yes
Seven types of question, including true/false, multiple choice and fill-in-the-blanks Yes Yes
Freeform questions that may be manually graded by instructors Yes Yes
Timed quizzes Yes Yes
Question banks Yes Yes
Multiple question banks per quiz Yes Yes
Multiple criteria for how questions should be selected from each bank Yes Yes
Select questions based on tags Yes Yes
Select questions based on competencies Yes Yes
Option to randomize question order Yes Yes
Option to provide scoring and feedback as you go, or all at once at the end Yes Yes
Option to review quiz responses before submitting Yes Yes
Option whether students see the correct answers at the end Yes Yes
Option to select latest score or best score Yes Yes
Analytics on quiz results Yes Yes
Import/export question banks using the QTI standard Yes Yes
Assessment and grading
Gradebook Yes Yes
Quiz, essay, survey, attendance, offline, and dropbox assignments Yes Yes
Embedding and annotation of student submissions (Q4 2019) Yes Yes
Standalone survey/quiz tool (Q4 2019) Yes Yes
Rubrics Yes Yes
Point grading scales Yes Yes
Portfolios Yes Yes
Debates, discussions, and team assignments Yes Yes
Grading scales per school, class, and assignment Yes Yes
Personalized assignments Yes Yes
Printable attendance forms Yes Yes
Export attendance data Yes Yes
Certificates   Yes
Printable PDF certificates   Yes
Proctored assignments Yes
Plagiarism detection via integration with Turnitin or Unicheck Yes
SCORM assignments   Yes
Custom LTI assignments   Yes
Peer assessment (Q4 2019)   Yes
Mastery and Competency-based learning
Create or upload competencies Yes Yes
Associate competencies with a class Yes Yes
Align lessons and assignments with competencies Yes Yes
Track and view student competency Yes Yes
Coverage analysis Yes Yes
Associate competencies with rubrics Yes Yes
Associate competencies with individual quiz questions Yes Yes
Integrated with automation system   Yes
Add rules and actions with a point and click interface Yes Yes
Execute one or more actions when a rule is triggered Yes Yes
Rich set of rule actions to choose from Yes Yes
Rule browser Yes Yes
Set rules at the class and group level Yes Yes
Set rules at the path and site level   Yes
Badges and badge builder Yes Yes
Custom game levels Yes Yes
Use automation to award points and badges Yes Yes
Customizable leaderboard Yes Yes
Class and site-wide games Yes Yes
Path games   Yes
Group players into teams   Yes
Collaboration and communication
Graphical resources catalog Yes Yes
Groups Yes Yes
Social networking Yes Yes
Community groups Yes Yes
Activity feeds Yes Yes
Collaboration tools (chat, wikis, forums, blogs) Yes Yes
Built-in messaging system with email integration, CC, BCC, and forwarding Yes Yes
Calendaring Yes Yes
Display online users Yes Yes
Use with your favorite web conferencing product Yes Yes
Calendar integration with Web conferencing   Yes
Automatic translation of communications   Yes
Micro learning
Micro courses   Yes
Streamlined format for bite-sized learning   Yes
Learning paths
Define a set of classes, certificates and/or paths to be completed   Yes
Define the order that the items must be completed   Yes
Track progress towards the goal   Yes
Certificates of completion   Yes
Integrated with automation system   Yes
Path templates   Yes
Path archival   Yes
Personalize path goals   Yes
Sell learning paths through the class catalog   Yes
Adaptive learning
Personalize classes dynamically   Yes
Hide/show lessons based on assignment scores and mastery   Yes
Seamlessly integrated with the automation system   Yes
Custom logo Yes Yes
Custom color scheme Yes Yes
Customizable terminology   Yes
Customizable portal   Yes
Visual portal editor   Yes
Use your own URL   Yes
Custom CSS   Yes
Use your own email server   Yes
Branded mobile apps   Yes
Analytics and reporting
Completion progress Yes Yes
Basic analytics Yes Yes
Time tracking Yes Yes
Student activity timelines Yes Yes
Advanced analytics   Yes
Canned reports   Yes
Ad-hoc reports   Yes
Integrate dashboard widgets with ad-hoc reports   Yes
Reports history   Yes
Saved and scheduled reports   Yes
Compliance management   Yes
Organizations and Teams
Organizations   Yes
Per-organization portals   Yes
Teams   Yes
App center Yes Yes
Super admin, administrator, teacher, student, parent and mentor account types Yes Yes
Trash can Yes Yes
Bulk import/export of accounts Yes Yes
User popups Yes Yes
Session timeouts Yes Yes
Prevent simultaneous logins Yes Yes
Policy documents (including terms and conditions, cookie policies) Yes Yes
Communications monitoring   Yes
Login history   Yes
Custom account fields   Yes
Teaching assistant and monitor account types   Yes
More bulk import/export options   Yes
Inactivity management   Yes
Network/Campus support   Yes
Office 365, SAML, Auth0, and custom single sign-on   Yes
iCal Yes Yes
QTI import/export   Yes
Common cartridge import/export   Yes
LTI 1.3   Yes
LDAP   Yes
xAPI   Yes
OneRoster (Q4 2019)   Yes
G Suite SSO Yes Yes
Google Drive Yes Yes
OneDrive and OneDrive for Business Yes Yes
Student Information Systems (via Clever and Kimono)   Yes
Turnitin   Yes
Office 365, SAML, Auth0, and custom single sign-on   Yes
WebEx web conferencing   Yes
GoToMeeting web conferencing   Yes
GoToTraining web conferencing   Yes
Zoom web conferencing   Yes
Skype for Business web conferencing   Yes
Open API with open source clients   Yes
Webhooks   Yes
1000+ popular apps via Zapier   Yes
Equella   Yes
CometChat Yes
MathJax Yes
Panopto   Yes
MailChimp   Yes
Microsoft Teams (Q4 2019)   Yes
Shopping cart   Yes
Abandoned shopping cart recovery   Yes
Sell classes   Yes
Sell learning paths   Yes
Bundles   Yes
Subscriptions   Yes
Digital media   Yes
Coupons   Yes
Bulk purchases   Yes
PayPal basic and professional payment gateways   Yes
Stripe payment gateway   Yes
Authorize.net payment gateway   Yes
PayUbiz payment gateway   Yes
PayU Latam payment gateway   Yes
PCI compliant   Yes
VAT support   Yes
Integrated with automation system   Yes
Marketing features
SEO Features   Yes
Social media integration   Yes
Affiliate programs   Yes
MailChimp integration   Yes
Community support Yes Yes
Guides and how-to videos Yes Yes
Rapid-response technical support   Yes
Student help desk   Yes
All web pages and videos served over HTTPS Yes Yes
Encrypted personal passwords Yes Yes
Encrypted URLs to prevent unauthorized sharing Yes Yes
2 factor authentication (Q4 2019) Yes Yes
Unlimited storage Yes Yes
Unlimited archiving of students Yes
Max individual file size 30 MB 1 GB
Message retention 1 month 2 years
Notification retention 1 month 1 month
Feed retention 1 month 6 months
Chat retention 1 month 6 months
Automated on-site and off-site data backups Yes Yes
Export account and grade data as CSV for backups Yes Yes
Export classes as Common Cartridge for backups Yes

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