The world’s best learning platform for K-12 schools

NEO is the perfect solution for schools that need an easy way to create and manage learning activities

Create beautiful classes for K-12 students

You don’t need any technical skills to create engaging classes. Teachers can build classes fast and select the style that suits their students best, whether it’s instructor-led, blended, self-paced, or micro learning.

K-12 LMS

Competency-based learning

NEO provides powerful support for competency-based learning. Create your own set of competencies that classes must teach and assess, then track student progress on a competency-basis and analyze how well students are understanding the concepts. Ensure that classes are compliant with standards by tagging content with the preloaded US Common Core or Next Generation Science standards.

K-12 LMS

Assessment made easy

Create interactive assignments for your students such as quizzes, essays, debates, surveys, as well as third-party assignments using our LTI support. Add grading scales per assignment, class, or school. Grade assignments fast using rubrics and keep all results centralized in our powerful gradebook.

K-12 LMS

Easy to use by students of all ages

Our platform has an intuitive design that makes the whole learning experience delightful, even for younger students. Many features can be enabled and disabled to fit the needs of your students’ grade level.

K-12 LMS

Keep students engaged

Make learning fun and competitive by creating games where students can earn points and badges for completing tasks during class activities. You can upload badges or create your own with custom shapes, images, text, and colors.

K-12 LMS

Use automation to adapt to students needs

Make classes more dynamic by triggering automated actions throughout the platform. For example, automation-powered adaptive learning can adjust your teaching style and personalize what content students see in classes and paths based on their progress.

K-12 LMS

Get valuable insights using analytics and custom reports

Our analytics and reporting functionalities provide relevant data and ensure the continuous monitoring of educational activities. Schools can create custom reports and select from a variety of filtering, sorting, grouping, and output options, including charts.

K-12 LMS

Connect schools in a district

Connect schools that belong to a district into a centralized hub and easily administer all of them using a single admin account within the school LMS. This is a great way to boost collaboration and share resources at a district level.

K-12 LMS

Create, store and share resources

Keep all your materials centralized with the resources catalog. Use resources such as certificates, class templates, rubrics, files, and competencies to enrich your class content. You can place a resource in your private library, the library shared by everyone in your school or the district library.

K-12 LMS

Integrate your favorite education tools

NEO LMS for schools integrates with the most popular tools for schools such as Google Drive, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, OneDrive, MS Teams, Kaltura, Go1, Zapier, H5P, Zoom, Turnitin, xAPI, and more.

K-12 LMS

Access for parents

Parents can use our K-12 LMS to communicate with school staff, access their children's grades, and track their progress.

K-12 LMS

SIS integration

Our SIS integration allows users to synchronize data such as accounts, classes, and sessions from your SIS to NEO without any manual intervention. We support PowerSchool, Skyward, Infinite Campus, and many other popular SIS.

K-12 LMS

Access for all students

We're continually working on enhancing our accessibility features so that all students can enjoy using NEO.

K-12 LMS

Professional development for teachers

K-12 Schools can use NEO to improve and track teacher skills, create certification training programs, and enhance collaboration between teachers within a district. We have a variety of features that can be used for PD for teachers, such as learning paths, certificates, compliance, and more.

K-12 LMS

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