Pricing for schools and universities


The most comprehensive free plan of any commercial LMS
Does not expire, and includes:
Large set of LMS features
Beautiful dashboards
Graphical class catalog
Looks great on any device
Competency-based learning
GAFE integration
and much more


The premium plan adds:
Customizable portal / URL
Ad-hoc reporting
Adaptive learning
Learning paths
SIS integration
SCORM, LTI, and Turnitin
Web conferencing integration
Organizations and Teams
and much more

Plans for businesses, non-profits, professional organizations, and vocational training providers are at MATRIX.
Plans for entrepreneurs who want to sell self-paced online courses are at INDIE.

Branded mobile apps
Use our free NEO native apps or have your own branded mobile apps for Android and iOS with a custom logo. The price for a branded native app is $1000 in the first year, then $500 for the following years. This feature is available only for the Enterprise plan.
SSL on custom URLs
We can provide an SSL certificate in order for your custom sites to support SSL on all pages. The price for this option is $400/year.

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