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Italmex Pharma

We have been using NEO for over 3 years and we use the system to upload content with different formats (PDF files and MP4 videos mainly), which have served as material for review and evaluation of our sales force, composed of more than 200 people. It is remarkable to comment that the use of NEO has been extended to other areas of the company to carry out training and evaluation activities on various issues. Users have adapted easily to NEO because it is a versatile, user-friendly, reliable, and intuitive tool.

International Institute for Health Care Professionals

I have used NEO LMS for a few years now and I have found as a Distance Education Manager, that NEO has all the bells and whistles of more expensive highly marketed systems. Students are engaged and we have many interactivities. Our professors find that NEO is easy to use and allows each teacher to be masters of their own domain using all the tools available in the system.

Beacon of Hope Online Schoolhouse

We're very impressed with NEO. Our school has used many others (Haiku, Sycamore and Edmodo) and NEO has provided far better quality and reliability. Our students and parents have done nothing but praise this system and have informed us that we need to continue using NEO as long as this school is open! Thank you for providing a great product for us to use!

Perguruan Tinggi Raharja

We truly enjoy using NEO LMS, it's really easy to use, it looks so good, and besides the stunning exterior, the site itself is very powerful, innovative with the most cutting edge features that you ever seen. Not to mention the fact that for our students, NEO LMS it's like a social network where they can keep in touch with their friends at any time and place.

South Burlington School District

Probably the thing I appreciate most about NEO LMS is the rapid response we receive to requests for support. But it's not just about customer service, NEO LMS is a very feature - rich system that adds improvements regularly.

Arc @ UNSW - University of New South Wales

NEO LMS has allowed us to radically change the way we train our volunteers. We have combined our training material, online assessment functions, and social interactions, all into one simple and functional platform. Having moved from a paper-based system, we can now easily update and modify our content whilst saving time and resources. The aesthetic elements are highly customizable and allow for a consistent and elegant style, which results in higher levels of engagement. Overall, NEO LMS has met and exceeded our expectations.

Columbia Grammar and Prep School

We have been using NEO LMS here at Columbia Grammar and Prep School for two years. The modern interface is a vast improvement over our previous solution and the features are powerful and comprehensive. Tech support is very responsive and has even implemented features we have personally requested in a short time frame. As a teacher I particularly like how flexible the online quizzes are and how neatly I am able to organize the resources in my course.

Avid Academy for Gifted Youth

NEO LMS is a high tech and advanced LMS, with innovating features, it has a visually beautiful design and it's very cost efficient. We like the fact that they are constantly improving and adding new features. NEO LMS is the perfect example of what the future in e-learning technology will be.

Grace Christian School

NEO LMS has made communication between students and teachers a simple matter of saying "It is on NEO." My favorite features are the calendar and the resources section. The calendar is an obvious organizational tool for both teachers and students. The resources area gives us a place to post help videos, links to practice, project rubrics, and any other things students might want to use. Another benefit is the digital submission feature that has the student's name attached. Before NEO LMS, we were using Dropbox, and this was a problem for students who did not include their name on their documents.

Mr. D Math Mr. D Math

Students love NEO LMS. They like adding their picture and the social networking side of the site. They also like the ease of finding their assignments, their gradebook and being able to communicate with teachers right through the system.

NEO LMS helped us by bringing everything we needed into one place at one time. It has created a smoother way for parents, students and teachers to all be in communication effectively and in a timely manner.

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