Find out why an LMS is a great solution for creating and managing learning activities

An LMS (learning management system) provides all the essential tools schools need to support efficient teaching and learning.

Here are the main LMS benefits for schools and universities:

  • Boosts student engagement and achievement
  • Teachers save time in daily teaching activities
  • Track student progress easily at each learning stage
  • Enabling students to learn at their own pace
  • Reduces costs for classroom facilities and consumables

What’s an LMS?

A learning management system (LMS) is an "online education hub" that provides a large and indispensable set of features to support educational activities such as classroom learning, distance education and continuing education.

Here are the most important uses of an LMS:


Creating and delivering education content


Communication between students, faculty and parents


Tracking student achievement


Assessing students knowledge


Enhancing collaboration

In this tech-driven world, traditional teaching and learning can be easily interrupted or sometimes inefficient, which is why students need more interactive and captivating educational methods. Teachers also need an easy way to create content for their classes and organize their materials, data, and learner audiences.


Schools and universities that do online teaching and learning require tools to help them easily create and deliver their content to students. A learning platform is a great solution for this, but when you’re not familiar with the e-learning field, choosing an LMS can seem a bit intimidating.

Who is an LMS made for?

A school LMS is geared towards K-12, Higher Ed institutions, and other educational organizations. Typical users include teachers, students, administrators, other faculty members, and even parents.

Teachers Teachers
Students Students
Admins Administrators
Parents Parents
"Almost 25% of all college students will be online learners by 2020"
Online College Students 2017, Learning House

Why should you start using a school LMS?

An LMS is an amazing platform that can do wonders to enhance the learning experience for students and improve teaching activities.


Higher engagement rates in classes

"47% of teachers say that LMS usage increases student motivation" Education Community Attitudes Toward SIS/LMS Solutions, Gartner Consulting

Increased student achievement

"59% of college instructors who prefer online teaching agree that online studying helps students learn more effectively" ECAR Study of Faculty and Information Technology, Educause

Saves time on teaching activities

"Both students and instructors agree that the LMS has a positive effect on instructors' use of in-class time" ECAR Study of Faculty and Information Technology, Educause

Increased communication and collaboration

"75% of students agree that technology helps them get quick course feedback" Ecar Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology, Educause

Accessibility and flexibility

"90.7 percent of high schools students use their mobile phones for school-related work." Hold the phone! High School Students’ Perceptions of Mobile Phone Integration in the Classroom, ISTE

Reduces costs

"Full-time virtual schools cost, on average, $6,400 per student, compared with $8,900 for blended schools and $10,000 for traditional brick-and-mortar public schools." Creating Sound Policy for Digital Learning, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

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